2016, 11-20 March
Maastricht, Netherlands

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Kunstkammer Georg Laue (stand 206)

Magnificent exotic casket 
owned by Catharina Elisabetha, Countess Schönborn 

Johann Georg Neßtfell

Magnificent exotic casket owned by Catharina Elisabetha, Countess Schönborn

Wiesentheid Castle in Franconia, c. 1725
Tortoiseshell, mother of pearl, ivory, brass, wood
H. 8 cm, W. 24 cm, D. 17 cm

Magnificent Combined Tool -

Leonhard Danner

Magnificent Combined Tool

Nuremberg, ca 1560
Etched iron
L. 59 cm

St Jerome in the Desert


Balthasar Grießmann, monogrammed

St Jerome in the Desert

Salzburg or Vienna, ca 1675
Ivory relief
H. 14 cm

Group of Enamelled Vessels 
from the Renaissance and Baroque

Group of Enamelled Vessels from the Renaissance and Baroque

German, 16th-17th centuries
Glass with enamelled decoration
H. 8-40 cm

Articulated Mannequin -

Articulated Mannequin

German, 17th century
H. 23 cm

<i>Tower</i> -

Lorenz Spengler (Schaffhausen 1720-1807 Copenhagen)


Ivory, turned and partly with polychromy
Height 48 cm
Copenhagen, circa 1760

M. Bencard, Kongelige Kunstdrejere, Copenhagen, 1998, p. 46, cat. no. 33; K. Maurice, Der drechselnde Souverän. Materialien zu einer fürstlichen Maschinenkunst, Zurich, 1985, p.90, cat. no.107

<i>Court Renaissance Cabinet</i> -

Court Renaissance Cabinet

Ebony, silver
35 x 39 x 29 cm
Augsburg, circa 1600

Wrotham Park, George Byng Collection (1764-1847)

C. Emmendörffer, C. Trepesch, exh. cat. Wunderwelt. Der Pommersche Kunstschrank, Maximilianmuseum, Augsburg, 2014, p. 358, cat. no. 55; B. Mundt, Der Pommersche Kunstschrank, Munich, 2009, p. 14; G. Laue, Furniture for European Kunstkammer, Munich, 2008, p. 146, 246, cat. no. 26

Augsburg, Maximilianmuseum, Wunderwelten. Der Pommersche Kunstschrank, March 28-June 29 2014

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TEFAF Antiques

Director(s):Georg Laue M.A.

The Kunstkammer Georg Laue is internationally known for exceptional Renaissance artworks made for Kunstkammer collections out of amber, ivory, coral, coconut, rock crystal, and other precious material

Located in the heart of Munich’s museum district, the Kunstkammer Georg Laue invites the visitor to marvel at various objects once displayed in cabinets of curiosities: Naturalia, Exotica, Scientifica, Mirabilia and Artificilia recreate the ambience of sumptuous princely collections from the Renaissance and Baroque. Art historian and exhibition curator, Georg Laue has been publishing a series of books discussing different aspects of the Kunst- and Wunderkammer since 1999:
- Wunder kann man sammeln, Munich 1999
- The Amber Cabinet, Munich 2001
- Memento Mori, Munich 2002
- Turned Treasuries, Munich 2004
- Scientifica, Munich 2005
- Amber Treasuries for European Kunstkammer, Munich 2006
- Furniture for the European Kunstkammer, Munich 2008
- Precious Cutlery for European Kunstkammer, Munich 2010
- Exotica, Munich 2012
- The White Gold of Venice, Munich 2014

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