2015, 13-22 March
Maastricht, Netherlands

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Rupert Wace Ancient Art Ltd (stand 421)

A group of three neolitihic stone tools found in Aamsven, The Netherlands -

A group of three neolitihic stone tools found in Aamsven, The Netherlands

Dagger. Length: 18.2 cm Axe. Length: 14.5 cm Arrow head. Length: 4.5 cm
Neolithic Period, c. 3rd millenium BC

Found in Aamsven, The Netherlands in October 1958 by David Bakker. Private collection of David Bakker and thence by descent to his great grandson Ben Edelenbos; Private collection, The Netherlands acquired from Mr Edelenbos in 2012

An Egyptian painted wood panel from the sarcophagus of Hathorhotep -

An Egyptian painted wood panel from the sarcophagus of Hathorhotep

Dimensions: 197 x 55.5 cm
Middle Kingdom. 12th Dynasty
c.1890-1800 BC

This striking piece of Egyptian art comes from the collection of Pasha Sayyid Khashaba and is believed to be from the Middle Kingdom cemetery at Meir, Upper Egypt on the West Bank of the Nile. Sayyid Khashaba, a wealthy merchant, was granted the excavation concession to this site by the Egyptian government in 1910. Sometime prior to 1977 the heirs of the Pasha sold it to the Swiss collector, Mr A Thommen in whose collection it remained until recently.

<i>Figure of a Seated Cat</i> -

Figure of a Seated Cat

Height 12.1 cm
Egypt, 21st-26th Dynasty, 1075-525 BC

Private collection, Europe, early 1950s and thence by descent; Private collection, UK, acquired in 2002

<i>Inlay head in the form of Dionysos</i> -

Inlay head in the form of Dionysos

Height 18 cm
Roman, 2nd century AD

Private collection France, acquired prior to 1960

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Rupert Wace Ancient Art
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TEFAF Classical Antiquities

Director(s):Rupert Wace

Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman, Near Eastern Antiquities

Rupert Wace has been dealing in Antiquities for over 35 years. The gallery specialises in Egyptian, Classical, Near Eastern and European works of art from Prehistoric times up until the end of the first millenium A.D. Now located in the historic heart of the art world in CrownPassage St James's, London. The gallery´s opening hours are Monday to Friday, 10 am until 5 pm, or at other times by appointment.
Our clients include major international collectors as well as Museums such as The British Museum, London; the Louvre, Paris; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Antiken Museum, Basel. We regularly exhibit at the Winter Antiques Show, New York; TEFAF, Maastricht; Masterpiece, London and Frieze Masters, London.

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