2015, 13-22 March
Maastricht, Netherlands

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Rupert Wace Ancient Art Ltd (stand 421)

Roman marble group depicting Orpheus with the animals -

Roman marble group depicting Orpheus with the animals

Height 51 cm, Wide 41 cm, Depth 28 cm

Roman. Late 3rd - early 4th century AD

Private collection of M. K. Collection, Brussels acquired 1968 and thence by descent

Achaemenid silver vessel in the form of a recumbent ram -

Achaemenid silver vessel in the form of a recumbent ram

Length: 22.5 cm Height: 18 cm Width: 10.5 cm

Achaemenid. 5th century BC

European private collection, acquired 1960s and thence by descent

Greek black-figure amphora attributed to the Rycroft painter -

Greek black-figure amphora attributed to the Rycroft painter

Attic. c. 515-500 BC

Black Figure
Height: 47 cm

Collection of Lucien Bonaparte, Prince of Canino, Paris; Canino Collection auction, Paris, April 4th, 1843, lot 92; Private collection France, acquired between 1900 and 1920, then by descent within the family

Though the Rycroft Painter is not previously known to have painted the Return of Hephaistos, a type B amphora in the collection of the J Paul Getty Museum (acquisition number 86.AE.65) has a depiction of Dionysos on a mule between satyrs which reveals striking similarities to the scene on this vase. Warren Moon also refers to another comparable portrayal of Dionysos on a donkey on a vase now lost ...

A polychrome cartonnage mummy mask -

A polychrome cartonnage mummy mask

Height 21.5 cm
Egypt, New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty, 1295-1186 BC

Private collection, France, acquired before 1980

Archaic head of a kore -

Archaic head of a kore

Height 15.5 cm
Greece, late 6th-early 5th century BC

Collection of E.H. Goddard, UK; Private collection, UK, received as a gift from Goddard (the recipient's headmaster) in 1960

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TEFAF Classical Antiquities

Director(s):Rupert Wace

Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman, Near Eastern Antiquities

Rupert Wace has been dealing in Antiquities for over 30 years. The gallery specialises in Egyptian, Classical, Near Eastern and European works of art from Prehistoric times up until the end of the first millenium A.D. It is situated in the centre of London´s art dealing district, at 14 Old Bond Street. The gallery´s normal hours are Monday to Friday, 10 am until 5 pm, or at other times by appointment.
We carry a broad range of antiquities in a variety of sizes and materials. We accept payment by bank transfer, cheque and all major credit cards.
The authenticity of all our objects is guaranteed and we can vouch for their legality on the art market.
Our international clients include private collectors, other dealers and Museums such as The British Museum, The Ashmolean, Oxford, The Metropolitan Museum of Art N.Y., The Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio as well as various European museums.
Each year we regularly exhibit at three major Art Fairs. Winter Antiques Show, New York; The Grosvenor house Art and Antiques fair, London; and Cultura, Basel.

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