2017, 10-19 March
Maastricht, Netherlands

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Frequently asked questions

About the Fair

1. How do I become an exhibitor at TEFAF?
Unfortunately there are very few vacancies at the fair and there is a substantial waiting list. If you would like to formally apply to exhibit at TEFAF Maastricht, please complete the Application Form. Applicants for TEFAF Showcase should register on the Showcase Apllication Form.
2. What does TEFAF stand for?
TEFAF stands for The European Fine Art Foundation, the organiser of the fair. The fair itself is also called TEFAF, The European Fine Art Fair, also known as The Maastricht Fair.
3. When was TEFAF founded?
The international antiques fair in Valkenburg and the international Pictura in Maastricht were merged to form Antiquairs International and Pictura Fine Art Fair in 1985. Pictura, which featured paintings, prints and drawings, was set up in 1975. Antiqua had been running as an antiques fair since 1978. In 1988 the Fair moved its venue to the MECC in Maastricht and took its present name, TEFAF, which stands for The European Fine Art Fair. To find out more click on TEFAF History.
4. What does the TEFAF logo symbolise?
The falcon (valk in Dutch) refers to Valkenburg, a town some 12 km to the east of the city of Maastricht, home to Antiquairs International, the palette and brushes to the Pictura Fine Art Fair. These two international fairs merged in 1985 and became TEFAF (The European Fine Art Fair) in 1988. The logo was introduced in 1989. In 2012 the need for a more contemporary appearance meant that the falcon needed to be redesigned. The new look reduces it to its essence, creating a more modern, appealing and dynamic symbol. The diagonal lines were retained to create a sense of movement and the new typography, which is exclusive to TEFAF, was inspired by the falcon’s shape. Like the falcon’s eye, which is one of the most accurate in nature, the symbol reminds us of the importance of focusing on the essential. This kind of precision and detail is also to be found at the Fair. 
5. How large is the fair?
TEFAF is split into nine sections representing every conceivable form of art and antiques. For more information on each section please click here. The Fair covers more than 31,000 square metres (101,700 square feet).
6. How many objects are offered for sale?
Around 35,000 objects are offered for sale. 
7. What is the total value of the objects presented at the fair?
This is unknown. Exhibitors at TEFAF arrange insurance for their art collection.
8. Can I buy the works of art?
All the works of art shown by exhibitors at the Fair (except for stand furniture) are for sale.
9. How can I be sure about the quality and the legitimacy of the works of art offered at the Fair?
Twenty-nine vetting committees, consisting of around 175 international experts, who specialise in the fields that are present at TEFAF, examine each object for quality, authenticity and condition. Works of art that don't meet the high standards of TEFAF are removed from the stands and locked away until after the Fair. In addition, the Art Loss Register, the world's largest database of stolen art, checks the objects against their lists of reported art theft. This enables collectors to acquire works of art at the Fair with the highest level of confidence. Read more about TEFAF's Vetting.
10. How many exhibitors participate at TEFAF?
Over 260 art and antiques dealers from 20 countries. Around 85 % of the exhibitors are non-Dutch. Six dealers exhibit in TEFAF Showcase.
11. Who is exhibiting at the Fair?
Click on Exhibitors for detailed information.
12. Which other fairs are organised by TEFAF?
TEFAF also organises PAN Amsterdam, a national art and antiques fair with about 125 Dutch and Belgian exhibitors, which takes place in November every year in the RAI in Amsterdam. 

Practical Information

13. When will this year's fair take place? And when is the opening (Preview)?
The 2016, the Fair will run from Friday 11 March to Sunday 20 March 2016. Tickets can be bought at the fair from 11 to 20 March or at the online Shop (until around fourteen days prior to the Fair). The Preview takes place on Thursday 10 March and is by invitation only from our dealers or sponsors. It is not possible to buy tickets for the opening at the fair or to order these tickets in advance. 
14. When are the next fairs?
In 2017, TEFAF will be from 10-19 March.
In 2018, TEFAF will be from 9-18 March.
In 2019, TEFAF will be from 15-24 March.
In 2020, TEFAF will be from 13-22 March.
15. What are the opening times?
The Fair is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily except for the final Sunday, when it closes at 6 p.m.
16. What is the entrance fee?
The entrance fee is € 60 including the catalogue. For detailed information about prices, click on Visit. To order in advance (until around fourteen days prior to the Fair), please visit our online Shop
17. What is the MECC?
The MECC is the Maastricht Exhibition and Congress Centre, just outside the city centre of Maastricht along the motorway A2.
18. Is there a Concierge service at TEFAF?
TEFAF offers visitors a Concierge service, which will take care of your needs and make your stay in Maastricht a wonderful experience. Please note that these services are not without charge. Click on Concierge service for more information.
19. Are there wheelchairs available?
Yes, there are around eight wheelchairs available. A reservation for a free wheelchair can be made in advance by calling the reception desk of the MECC, tel. +31 (0)43 383 83 83. The wheelchair can be collected from the MECC reception desk in the main entrance area of the fair on the left hand side, indicated with an "I". Companions of disabled visitors are allowed free entry to the Fair.
20. Are dogs allowed?
No, dogs are not allowed at the Fair.
21. Are there lockers?
No, but there are manned cloakrooms.
22. Can I take objects to the Fair to have them valued?
Our vetting rules do not allow for objects to be brought to the fair for valuation.
23. Are photography and filming allowed at TEFAF?
Only accredited media are allowed to film and photograph. Accreditation must be obtained prior to the fair. Go to www.tefafpress.com for further information.
24. Are there food and beverage facilities?
A variety of catering facilities is available, ranging from champagne and coffee bars to a restaurant (for reservations: please visit our Fair restaurants page).
25. How do I get the catalogue?
You can buy/collect the Fair catalogue at the catalogue desk near the entrance of the Fair. If you want to receive the catalogue by post, please go to our online Shop. The Fair catalogue is also online from February (under Exhibitors).
26. Can I just buy a catalogue without visiting the fair?
Yes, you can (if available). Go to the webshop, or collect your catalogue at the TEFAF information desk in the main entrance area of the MECC. The Fair catalogue is also online from January (under Exhibitors).
27. Can I still order Fair catalogues from previous years?
Yes, if they are still available. Click on Shop.
28. Is there a list of all works of art represented at the Fair?
No, there isn't. The Fair catalogue lists each exhibitor with an illustrated example of their specialty.
29. Who is responsible for the flowers at the Fair?
Ten Kate, Deventer, tel. +31 (0)570 61 22 73

Travel Questions

30. How to find the Fair?
When driving, follow the signs to MECC when entering Maastricht. For detailed information, click on Visit or go to the MECC site.
During the Fair there is a free shuttle service to and from a number of hotels in Maastricht. Please enquire at your hotel for departure times.
31. Are there parking facilities at the MECC?
There is a car park, capacity 900 cars, which is connected to the MECC by an overhead tunnel. Surrounding the MECC buildings are another 1,600 outdoor parking spaces. There is no free parking.
32. Which airports are close to Maastricht?
Maastricht-Aachen Airport, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Eindhoven Airport, Zaventem Airport Brussels, Düsseldorf Airport and Cologne / Bonn Airport. Go to Visit for further information.
33. How do I get from Zaventem Airport to the fair?
The easiest way is to take a taxi. You might want to make a reservation in advance.
34. How do I get from Liège railway station to the fair?
You can take a taxi (20 minute drive). You might want to make a reservation in advance. You can also take a train to Maastricht Randwyck Station from where it is a four-minute walk to the fair (please follow signs to the MECC).
During the Fair there is a free shuttle service to and from a number of hotels in Maastricht. The shuttle also stops at Maastricht Central Station. Please enquire at your hotel for departure times.
35. How do I order a taxi at the fair?
You can make your reservations for a taxi at the Transport Desk in the main entrance area of the Fair. During the Fair there is a free shuttle service to and from a number of hotels in Maastricht. Please enquire at your hotel for departure times.
36. How can I find out information about Maastricht?
Check the Your Stay in Maastricht page for further information about Maastricht, hotels and restaurants, and activities in the region during TEFAF.
37. How do I get a hotel in Maastricht?
Click on Your stay in Maastricht (Hotels) for more information.
38. What is the During TEFAF festival?
During the Fair the whole city will be bustling with impressive exhibitions, unique theatre and music productions, breathtaking dance performances and special events. It is the perfect opportunity to taste the unique range of Dutch and international flavours offered by Maastricht. More information and reservations: www.duringtefaf.com.
39. How far is the shopping centre of Maastricht from the fair?
About 2 km (1.3 miles). When taking the new pedestrian bridge over the river Meuse (just behind the Bonnefanten Museum) it is a twenty-minute walk. By taxi it will take about eight minutes.
40. Which rules apply at the fair?
In order to make TEFAF a pleasant experience, we ask that our guests comply with a few basic rules:
  •    Large bags, backpacks and umbrellas must be left at the cloak room before visitors enter the exhibition halls
  •    Dogs and other pets are not permitted in the exhibition halls
  •    Jewellery in handbags must be reported before you enter the fair
  •    Please do not bring art or antiques for valuation
  •    Taking photos and making videos is not allowed unless the exhibitor or visitor has given permission
  •    Unofficial guided tours are not allowed
  •    Smoking is only allowed in the smoking areas
  •    Objects are secured electronically
  •    There is strict security at the Fair and security personnel are permitted to search visitors