The Luxembourg Book of Hours

Bedford Master & Master of the Munich Golden Legend & Jouvenel Master & Master of the Bartholomaeus Anglicus

Illuminated manuscript on vellum 30.5 x 22.5 cm (12 x 8.8 in.) Paris - 1432-1445

Book of Hours of Jacquette de Luxembourg.

A Chief Work of the Bedford Group and the Master of the Munich Golden Legend from Paris, made most likely for Jacquette of Luxembourg, reworked by the Jouvenel Master and with Additions by the Master of the Bartholomeus Anglicus. Illuminated manuscript on vellum with 22 large and 38 smaller miniatures by Haincelin de Hagenau (Bedford Master), Conrad of Toul (Master of the Munich Golden Legend), the Jouvenel Master and the Master of the Bartholomaeus Anglicus. Begun most likely for Bedford’s second wife, Jacquette of Luxembourg, this extraordinarily rich Book of Hours took at least 10 to 15 years to achieve.

A highly remarkable as well as impressive example of Parisian manuscript illumination of the early 1430s, illuminated rather by the Bedford-Master (Haincelin of Haguenau) than by his younger follower the Dunois Master and embellished with ravishing miniatures by the Master of the Munich Golden Legend (Conrad of Toul). The commission is intimately connected to the circle of the Duke of Bedford, governor of Paris, and was doubtless destined for a member of the Luxembourg family, most likely for Jacquette of Luxembourg, second wife of the Duke of Beford. It probably remained unfinished upon the recapture of Paris in 1435 and then would have passed into the hands of a follower of the French king. Thereafter the Jouvenel Master overpainted the most important faces in the manuscript, and the Master of the Bartholomeus Anglicus added spectacular border decorations throughout the entire book. In the light of the variety of major stylistic tendencies in this manuscript, it emerges as one of the most interesting books of hours made in the second quarter of the 15th century, impressive in its array of contrasting artistic temperaments and its impact that combines aesthetic brilliance with historical importance in a tremendous and unique way.

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