Spherical 'Open' urn

Frank Lloyd Wright

(Richland Center, 1867 - Phoenix, 1959)
Copper Height 48.2 cm Diameter 52.3 cm (19 in. and 19.8 in.) New York - circa 1902

Spherical copper 'Open' urn in original red-brown patina, is adorned on four sides with raised medallions with dimpled edges; bordered on top and bottom with elongated hexagonal and diamond shapes; supported on a base of four squared sections.

The "Open" version of this urn is the design in its final evolution. The earlier version of the urn had a stylized bow tie shape above and below the central medallion. In the "Open" version, Frank Lloyd Wright has removed the bow tie shape and left the top and bottom hexagons open and unadorned. There are 7 known examples of this version.

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