2017, 10-19 March
Maastricht, Netherlands



TEFAF Art Symposium

Informing The Art World - Speed, Needs & Globalisation

The fifth TEFAF Art Symposium, entitled 'Informing The Art World - Speed, Needs & Globalisation' will be held on Friday 11th March. The symposium will provide the platform for the presentation of the annual TEFAF Art Market Report.

Dr. Clare McAndrew will present the report, which analyses the global art market in 2015. The report will include a summary of cross-border flows of art around the world, focusing on key centres in Europe, the US and China in 2014/15 and examine any regulatory changes or other issues that have affected the market. This year industry specialists will be invited to explore the themes covered in the TEFAF Art Market Report in greater depth. Amongst the topics that will be covered are the polarised art market, the performance of certain key market sectors over the last 10 years, the relative importance of various sales channels to the dealer community and the economic impact of the art trade.

The presentation of the key findings of the TEFAF Art Market Report will be followed by a panel discussion around the speed and globalisation of art world information and the current need for reliable data and qualitative analysis. Participating panelists are Georgina Adam - art market expert and reporter for the Financial Times and The Art Newspaper, Dr Clare McAndrew, economist and author or the annual TEFAF Art Market Report and Jacob Pabst, Chief Executive Officer of artnet. The discussion is moderated by Dr Thomas Marks, editor of Apollo Magazine. 

Please register and order your tickets online in our webshop. Tickets are €45,00 (incl. VAT) including Art Market Report, excluding entrance to the fair.
If you would like to visit the fair after the Art Symposium, there is a combi ticket available as well.

Date and Venue
11 March 2016, 11 a.m. - 13 p.m.
Auditorium I, MECC Maastricht