A Torso of Venus Pudica

Slightly under-life-size rendering of the nude love goddess as Venus Pudica («modest Venus«), i.e. standing contrapposto with her torso bent forwards, the right arm held protectively against the breast while the left hand attempts to conceal her pubis. The round, firm breasts and slender waist with softly rounded belly and hips that are scarcely any wider, small firm buttocks and altogether slim proportions make the body of the goddess seem exceptionally youthful. The Pudica motif, which can be understood as a Hellenistic reworking of the famous Aphrodite of Knidos by the Athenian sculptor Praxiteles dating from the 4th cent. B.C., is known to us in several different statue types, including the well-known Capitoline Venus (with tresses down to her shoulders) and the Medici Venus (with her head turned sharply in the direction of the engaged leg). Beginnings of the left hand preserved on the pubis. The hands´ points of attachment below the breast and on the pubis refilled. Neck hollowed out and with iron peg. Fine, superficial fissure on the left upper arm.
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Formerly Graham Geddes, Australia, 1984. Thereafter Australian priv. coll.


Cahn International

"Ancient Art"

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