Statuette of Osiris with inlaid eyes

Bronze, inlaid with copper, silver and niello Height 18.5 cm (7.3 in.) Late Dynastic Period, 26th Dynasty, circa 600 BC

An Osiris statuette of typical form, wearing the atef crown with uraeus. The hands, which protrude from the tightly fitting mummy wrappings, hold a crook and flail. The cosmetic lines and brows are in copper, the whites of the eyes inlaid with silver and the pupils in niello. Fine engraving is applied to the broad collar and beard. Around the integral rectangular base a single line of hieroglyphic inscription reads ´May Osiris Wennefer, the great god, lord of heaven, grant all life and all health [to] Padi-iset´. It goes on to record the names of his father, Djed-mut-iuf-ankh and his mother, Ankh-ius-tena. In exceptional condition, the tip of one plume restored.

The masterful modelling of the face has a portrait-like quality and the engraving of the details, in particular the inscription (normally so carelessly executed) are quite exceptional.

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Private collection, Belgium; acquired prior to 1983


Charles Ede

"Ancient Art"

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