Lotus Lamp

Tiffany Studios

leaded glass shade on a bronze and inlaid favrile glass mosaic base American, circa 1906

This rare Tiffany Studios Lotus Lamp is one of three known examples of the model; each lamp, utilizes a slightly different configuration to incorporate a series of decorated blown favrile glass globes. This particular example of the Lotus lamp was used to advertise the model in an original Tiffany Studios leather-bound photographic album dating from the period. Priced at $750 in 1906, this model was the most expensive of all the lamps sold by Tiffany Studios at that time.

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Vito D´Agostino; William Feldstein, Jr.; Joel Schur; Minami Art Museum; The Garden Museum
William Feldstein Jr. and Alastair Duncan, The Lamps of Tiffany Studios, New York 1983, pp. 62-63; Louis C. Tiffany The Garden Museum Collection, Alastair Duncan, Antique Collectors´ Club, China 2004, pp. 286-87 (Note: Image of full lamp shows different favrile globes)


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