Virtue caresses Merit and Hounds out Ignorance in the presence of scholarship

Pelagio Palagi (Bologna 1775-1860 Turin) and Francesco Hayez (Venice 1791-1882 Milan)

Oil on canvas 85 x 168 cm (Lunette) Inscribed bottom centre ´ΑΝΕΥ ΤΗΣ ΑΡΕΤΗΣ ΟΥΚ ΑΞΙΑ (without virtue [life is] unworthy)´
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Lodovico Gaetano Bertolazzone, Third Count of Arache and Second Count of Banna (Turin 1782-1854); Private collection, Turin
G. L. Mellini, ´L´Ila e le Ninfe´, e altre cose di Pelagio Palagi´, in Labyrinthos, volume VI, p. 12, 1987; G. L Mellini, Notti romane e altre congiunture pittoriche tra Sette e Ottocento, Florence 1992, pp. 353 and 355 (note 21), reproduced ills. 166-167 on p. 271
Milan, Accademia di Bera, where it was shown with the title Virtue Offering Merit a Crown in the Presence of Ignorance, 1820


Carlo Orsi - Trinity Fine Art

"European Works of Art and Sculpture, Old Master Paintings"

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