Cigarette case

Peter Carl Fabergé (St-Petersburg 1846-1920 Pully)

Enamelled gold, opaque white enamel and diamonds Signed ´Faberge´ in full with the initials of the chief workmaster Henrik Wigstrom and stamped ´72 zolotnik´ St. Petersburg, but bearing London import entry marks for 1913

The surface is decorated with a plum enamel over a wavy guillochage, the centre circular panel bordered with diamonds and opaque white enamel, the border of chased and engraved berried laurel set with diamond cross ties and flanked by white enamel. The case incorporates a match compartment and tinder cord.

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The design for this work is preserved in an alburm of preparatory watercolour drawings by Henrik Wigstrom in the National Library of Finland.



"Jewelry, Russian Works of Art, Gold Boxes, and Vertu"

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