Reliquary figure (ngulu)

Bakota - Shake people

Wood, copper, brass and bone Height 33 cm Gabon, right bank of the Sébé Basin, early 19th century
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Private collection, France; collection of Marsha & Saul Stanoff, Los Angeles; private collection, Canada
Germain, Jacques. Art ancien de l´Afrique noire. Volume IV, Montreal, 2008: p. 63 Neyt, François. Fleuve Congo. Musée du quai Branly, Paris, 2010: p. 184, fig. 122 Perrois, Louis. Ancêtres Kota. Galerie Bernard Dulon, Paris, 2011: pp. 32, 82, fig. 3 Perrois, Louis. Kota, Visions d´Afrique (Editions 5 Continents), Milan, 2012: p. 88, 146, fig. 7 Editions 5 Continents / 28 nouveautés 2002 - 2012, Milan, 2012: p. 77
Sacred Africa II. Collections of the MMFA, le Cirque du Soleil and the Redpath Museum (McGill University). Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, November 18, 2008 - November 2010


Galerie Jacques Germain

"Art of Sub-Saharan Africa"

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