Figure of a Muse

Marble Total height 65 cm Roman - ca. 2nd Century AD

After a Greek original of the early 4th Century BC, standing with the weight on her left leg, and wearing an enveloping himation, the folds held in her right hand to her breast and against her hip by the left arm, a lock of hair falling on the left shoulder, the neck hollowed out for insertion of the head; no restorations.

The other known copies of this type, all headless, are in St. Petersburg (O. Waldhauer, Die antiken Skulpturen der Ermitage, vol. 3, 1936, p. 36, no. 276, fig. 34), in Madrid (Photographische Einzelaufnahmen, no. 1736), in Blenheim Palace (A. Scholl, et al., Die antiken Skulpturen in Farnborough Hall, 1995, pp. 18ff., no. B1, pl. 7), in the Musée Rodin (S. Reinach, Répertoire de la statuaire grecque et romaine, vol. 5, 1924, p. 360, no. 2), in Argos (J. Marcadé and É. Raftopoulou, Bulletin de Correspondance Hellénique, vol. 87, 1963, pp. 97ff., no. 78, figs. 42f.), and Sotheby's, London, December 4th, 1979, no. 119.

The original seems to have been a creation of the early 4th Century BC; cf. the maiden on an Attic grave stele: C. Clairmont, Classical Attic Tombstones, vol. 4, 1993, p. 166f., no. 5.280.

An old fragmentary label underneath the base reads "[...]-11929".

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