171.5 x 73.3 cm (67.5 x 28.9 in.) Signed 'Ignace PLEYEL, in APPENZELL' 1835

The furniture, spruce veneered, is shaped like a Swiss chalet table. This instrument is registered in the archives of the Pleyel company, Paris. Firstly in the workshop register, about the starting of the job (may 1835) and its different steps, secondly in the sale book, about the description and the specification of this model and the name of the client. Charlotte de Rothschild (1825-1899) is 10 years old when the piano is ordered by her father. Becoming a very good pianist, she was to be teached by Frederic Chopin himself. He dedicated his Ballade no. 4, opus 52 to her.

James de Rothschild, 1792-1868


Jean Michel Renard

"Old, rare and unusual Musical Instruments"

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