A Pilgrim as a Memento Mori

Balthasar Permoser

(Kammer bein Otting, 1651 - Dresden, 1732)
Boxwood Height 38 cm (15 in.) Florence - Circa 1685

Comparative Literature:

Gaburri, F. N. Vite dei pittori. Biblioteca nazionale centrale, 4 Bde. Ms, Bd. 1, Ms E. B. 9,5 Florence c. 1730 – published in Lankheit and Asche.

Asche, Siegfried. Balthasar Permoser. Leben und werk. Berlin, 1978/79.

Titta Ruffo (1877-1955) Florence; By descent in the family until 2010; Auctioned in Florence in 2010; Sold on the London art market; Private collection, USA, until 2017


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