Egyptian Handle of a Mirror in the form of a Young Girl

Wood Height 14.6 cm (5.7 in.) Egypt - New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, Reign of Amenhotep III, ca. 1390-1353 BC

A naked girl, standing on a quadrangular base, in the attitude of walking. She has her left arm along her body and carries her right hand, her fist closed, on her right shoulder. The sculptor has declined in the wood curves of the juvenile female body with exacerbated sensuality. The gracious and smiling face has fine and stretched eyes. The heavy wig, formed of long locks, covers the left shoulder and disengages the right, revealing an important earring; it is surmounted by a pierced "modius" intended for the insertion of a reflective metal disc.

Private collection, Léon de Laborde (1807-1869), Neuilly sur Seine; Thence by descent through the family
J. Vandier d’Abbadie, Catalogue des objets de toilette égyptiens, Paris, Musée du Louvre, 1972, cat. no. 794, pp. 180-181


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