Cheroot representing a Jockey

Amber, jet amber and meerschaum 10 x 18.8 cm (3.9 x 7.4 in.) Signed 'Eugene Dillen Fabricant' Brussels - circa 1910

This cheroot is representing a Jockey at rest smoking a pipe, with his dog-headed whip in his other hand.

Dillen was presumably from a family of craftsmen of the famous Vienna School, which emigrated later to Belgium.

Original case signed 'Eug Dillen Fcant Bréveté – BRUXELLES 3, rue de l’Etuve 3 et 14 rue Ch. Buls 14'.

Awards 'Bruxelles 1905 – Calais 1896 – 2ème Grand Prix – Diplôme d’honneur et Médaille d’or'.


Galerie Delalande

"European Works of Art and Sculpture"

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