Bust of a Priest of Khonsu-Pa-Ir-Sekher

Gabbro Height 14.6 cm (5.7 in.) Egypt - Late Dynastic Period, Circa 4th century BC

This priest is wearing a smooth bag wig revealing his large ears. He shows sharply defined, long eyebrows that shade the eyes, carved in relief. The corners of his mouth are turned up in a pronounced smile. The shapely torso with defined clavicles, strong pectorals and toned arms, is bare. The square-topped dorsal pillar is inscribed with two columns of hieroglyphic text, an invocation to Amun and Mut reading: ‘A boon which the king gives to Amun-Re and to the goddess Mut, the great one, the Mistress of Isheru... the Priest of Khonsu-pa-ir-sekher (he who provides) in Thebes, the overseer of the Divine Craftsmen…’. The dark grey matrix with a multitude of closely spaced paler crystals, broken across the waist and above the elbows.The broad nose has a chip to the tip.

Private collection, Switzerland; Christie’s, London, ‘Fine Antiquities’, 14th June 1978, lot 389; Private collection, London; Acquired in London, 2003


Charles Ede

"Ancient Art"

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