Amethystos pendant

White and yellow gold, rock crystal, amethyst sceptre quartz, agate, diamonds, vitreous enamel, painted gold Length 7.4 cm (2.9 in.) 2018

Amulet with a griffon vulture that stands guard over an amethyst scepter quartz. Its naked head and neck are of white gold, the beak of yellow gold, and the pupils are enameled black. The neck ruff is composed of white and rust brown feathers carved in agate. Below, the vulture wears an enameled and gold-painted collar that doubles as the chapiter of the engraved rock crystal tube. There the scepter quartz stands on pedestal set with rose-cut diamonds. The nature cast of a vine tendril twine provides the basis of the tube.


Otto Jakob

"Haute Joaillerie"

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