'Dragonfly' Table Lamp

Tiffany Studios

(New York, 1902 - 1933)
Leaded glass, patinated and partially-gilt bronze 63.5 x 50.8 cm (25 x 20 in.) Circa 1906

An original example of the Tiffany Studios 'Dragonfly' table lamp, the 20-inch diameter shade featuring dragonflies with bodies comprising mottled light-green glass, their wings articulated in pink, green and clear "foliage" glass with pierced brass filigree mount, against a background of heavily mottled amber glass with hints of pink throughout. The shade rests on a partially gilded bronze 'Mock Turtleback' table base, which complements the gilded leading on the shade. Both the shade and the base are signed.


Lillian Nassau LLC

"Specialists in the work of Tiffany Studios and Louis Comfort Tiffany, in addition to late 19th and early 20th century American and European Decorative Arts and Design, including Glass, Ceramics, Sculpture and Metalwork; Mid-Century Modern and Studio Furniture and Design"

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