Books of Hours with the coats of arms of Corlieu and Lusignan

Boucicaut Master

Illuminated manuscript on vellum 33 x 22 cm (13 x 8.6 in.) Paris - 1410

Illuminated manuscript on vellum with 10 large and 16 small miniatures by the Boucicaut Master and his workshop. Unknown to scholarship, this manuscript was made for a member of the Corlieu-Lusignan family.

A hitherto unknown, artistically remarkable book of hours with miniatures by the Boucicaut Master and an unknown associate painted in the second decade of the 15th century. The miniatures oscillate between more traditional compositions before patterned backgrounds and exterior scenes taking place beneath a blue sky. The manuscript already contains the developed acanthus border decoration, which was also used by the painter’s contemporary the Bedford Master. The illuminations refer to older compositional traditions while the artist simultaneously accomplishes his characteristic sense for a new, forceful colour palette. The compositions surprise with marvellous figurative variations and are accompanied by precious border decorations. This book of hours with its high quality and skillful execution is a particularly characteristic example of a true artistic peak reached in the art of manuscript illumination in Paris around 1415.

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Heribert Tenschert - Antiquariat Bibermühle

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