Meditationes super vitam Christi

Illuminated manuscript on vellum 24 x 14.5 cm (9.4 x 5.7 in.) Padua - 1305

Illuminated manuscript on vellum with two historiated initials, 24 large or full-page miniatures and one drawing by a painter of the circle of Giotto di Bondone. Complete. The miniatures show direct influences of the Arena Chapel frescoes, but only partially, a number of them being finished without further re¬gard to Giotto’s work: this gives a clue as to their date.

Prof. Eberhard König, Unterwegs zur Renaissance - 50 italienische und spanische illuminierte Handschriften des 13.-18. Jahrhunderts, Meditationen über das Leben Jesu in einer Paduaner Handschrift aus Giottos Umkreis, Bibermühle, 2011, cat. no. 67, pp. 82-108


Heribert Tenschert - Antiquariat Bibermühle

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