Terracotta Height 89.5 cm (35 in.) China - Early Tang Dynasty (618-907), late 7th Century

TL Tested by Oxford Authentication, UK.

A pair of warriors in a striking stance with fierce expressions. Their feet are apart, arms outstretched and fists clenched ready to fight off any evil forces. They wear full body armor bound with cords, worn over knee length tunics. One has puffy sleeves coming out of dragon mouth armholes, with a small scarf which is open at the neck. The other figure has flanged sleeves and a larger scarf draped over the shoulders, knotted at the neck. They both wear shin protectors over padded breeches and plain pointed-toe boots. Their helmets have upturned rims and a high pointed finial. The grey earthenware bodies are covered with a dark slip, decorated with white pigments and they stand on distinctive c-shaped bases. These figures would have been molded in separate parts, the finer details finished by hand.

Private collection, The Netherlands, 2017; with Priestley & Ferraro at TEFAF Maastricht 2008


Vanderven Oriental Art

"Chinese Works of Art"

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