Royal slit drum

Wood with crusty black patina Height 69 cm (27.2 in.) Bangwa people, Cameroon - 19th century
Edward Klejman collection; Nathalie & Guy Porré collection, Brussels; Private collection, Brussels
Bettina von Lintig, Camroun, Paris, 2006, pp. 107-111
Marie-Thérèse Brincard, Sounding forms, New York, 1989, no. 67, p. 126
Dulon & Leurquin, Objetos-Signos de Africa, Zaragoza, 2000, no. 43, p. 79

'Sounding forms', exhibition tour in Washington, Richmond, Kansas City and Paris, 1989-1990; Zaragoza, Iber Caja fondacion, 'Objetos-Signos de African', 2000; Paris, Galerie Bernard Dulon, 'Cameroun', 2006


Galerie Bernard Dulon

"Ethnographic Art"

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