Serpent in the Maze Champagne Cart

Zelouf + Bell

Green Bird's Eye Maple and Green/grey ripple sycamore, chrome plated brass (10.5 x 14.5 x 8 in.) Edition of 10

This is a limited edition piece designed by the award winning architectural furniture makers, Susan Zelouf + Michael Bell (Zelouf +Bell). This champagne cart plays with pattern on pattern, using traditional marquetry and a contemporary printing technique. The bold graphic maze based on the world's largest in Reignac-sur-indre, is created in marquetry using Hedge Green Bird's Eye Maple and Green/grey ripple sycamore. The ‘Tattoo’ Diamond back python is from a vintage illustration by Gottfried Honegger, Circa 1788. The hardware is in chrome plated brass.


Maison Gerard

"European Paintings, Drawings & Sculpture, Photography, Modern and Contemporary Art, Modern and Contemporary Design, Furniture & Decorative Arts and Sculpture & Works of Art, all from 1870 onwards"

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