Axel Salto

(Copenhagen, 1889 - Frederiksberg, 1961)
Stoneware vase decorated with sung glaze with glossy elements some blue elements Height 38 cm (15 in.) Signed 'Salto, 20811' Denmark - 1967

The Sung glaze is seen on a large number of Axel Salto works of stoneware for Royal Copenhagen. The Sung glaze has been used at the factory since 1925. Early Salto saw the strength and beauty of the nature of the Sung glaze, as it with its play of colours enhanced the modelled shapes and structures of the stoneware.

CLAY Keramikmuseum Danmark, Axel Salto - Stentøjsmesteren, Denmark, 2017, pp. 41 and 49



"Modern Design"

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