Nero in quadro

Alberto Biasi

(Padua, 1937)
PVC strips and acrylic on panel 170 x 170 cm (67 x 67 in.)


Tornabuoni Arte

"Specialised in Post-War Italian art, Tornabuoni Art has shown the works of the iconic masters of this era such as Fontana, Boetti, Pomodoro, Castellani, Rotella, Capogrossi, Biasi, Scheggi and Dorazio. Tornabuoni Art also has a permanent collection of significant works by major Italian artists of the Novecento, such as de Chirico, Morandi, Balla and Severini, as well as International 20th-century avant-garde masters, such as Picasso, Mirò, Kandinsky, Hartung, Poliakoff, Dubuffet, Lam, Matta, Christo, Wesselmann, Warhol and Basquiat. In 2019, Tornabuoni Art proposes an exhibition that focuses on the origins of the work of the Italian sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro (b. 1926, Morciano di Romagna). Organized in close collaboration with the Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, the show highlights the years 1955-1965, a pivotal period in the artist’s career, thanks to exclusive archival materials and new to the public artworks. The gallery also presents group shows brought together by different curators who are given carte blanche, each show offering a unique approach to the gallery’s collection as of recently “BOOM: Art and industry in 1960s Italy” (2018) and "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" (2019)."

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