Kunstkammer Georg Laue

European Works of Art and Sculpture; Furniture and Decorative Arts; Silver; Cabinet of Curiosity

Georg Laue founded the Kunstkammer Georg Laue in 1997 in the immediate vicinity of the three Pinakotheks in Munich. In magnificently-appointed historic rooms, he displays museum-quality objects dating from the 16th to the 18th centuries that had originally been admired in Renaissance and Baroque art and curiosity cabinets (Kunst- and Wunderkammer): natural curiosities (Naturalia), non-European objects (Exotica), scientific instruments (Scientifica), marvels of nature (Mirabilia), and art objects (Artificialia). Here artworks made of a diverse range of materials are displayed in a lively, modern approach to exhibiting. Objects made of amber, coral, silver, shell, stone, bronze, coconuts, and glass recreate the atmosphere of the princely Kunstkammer that represented a microcosm, reproducing the world in miniature and, therefore, illustrating man’s position in the universe with the display of his ‘artificial’ creations.

The Kunstkammer Georg Laue is internationally known for exceptional Renaissance artworks made for Kunstkammer collections out of amber, coral, coconut, silver, rock crystal, and other precious materials.

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