Walter Padovani

Italian sculpture and works of art from 17th to 19th century

Walter Padovani is Vice-Chairman of the Associazione Antiquari d'Italia and owner of the eponymous Galleria d'Arte Antica in Milan's prestigious fashion district. He began his career in the antiques at Valeggio sul Mincio in 1987. He moved in 2000 to the decidedly more stimulating and international scene in Milan, a move which allowed him to shift his focus towards what had always been his preferred area of interest, namely Italian sculpture from the 17th to the 19th century. There he also developed an interest in paintings of the same period. At the same time he has been treading less customary paths which have led him to study and deal in other works of art from between the 17th century and the Neo-Classical era, such as wax figures, works in pietra dura, tortoiseshell, coral, engraved gemstones and cameos. Research focused in particular on the quality, provenance and state of conservation of the works of art and close cooperation with the academic world are the strategic guidelines on which he runs his business. Endorsed by the work of expert art historians, the most interesting and significant results of his research are published on a regular basis in the fields of both the applied arts and the figurative arts. The Galleria took up an express request formulated by John Winter in 2013 to take part in and to work with Trinity Fine Art of London, showing at the London Art Week and during the December auction season.

Cristoforo Solari (Milan, 1460 - 1527)

Figure of a Prophet (full lenght)

marble of Candoglia, height 106 cm

Abraham Louis Rodolphe Ducros (Moudon, 1748 - Lausanne, 1810)

Arethusa's Fountain in Sicily; The Baths of Caracalla

two oils on canvas, 75 x 61 cm

signed and dated: DuCros / 1781

provenance: Johann Rudolf Sinner von Ballaigues

Lorenzo Bartolini (Savignano, Prato, 1777 – Florence, 1850)

Portrait bust of Carlotta Barboliani di Montauto

Carrara statuary marble, 69 x 57 x 32 cm

Bernardino Cametti (Rome, 1669 - 1736)


terracotta, 51 x 66 x 64 cm

provenance: Forti family (heirs of Bernini), Rome; princely House of Massimo, Rome; Carlo Vangelli, Rome

Antonio Raggi (Vico Morcote, 1628 - Rome 1686)

A Bishop Saint Triumphs over Devil

marble, height 110 cm

inscribed low down on the left-hand side of the base: A. Raggi

provenance: Maurizio Fagiolo dell’Arco collection, Rome

Giovanni Duprè (Siena, 1817 - Florence, 1882)

The Temptation of Adam

white marble relief, 95 x 71 x 14 cm

signed and dated: G. Duprè 1853

provenance: Mario Bianchi Bandinelli, Siena; Ranuccio Bianchi Bandinelli (archaeologist), Siena; Alessandro Santucci, Milan (1950); Luigi Santucci (writer), Milan; Santucci heirs, Milan

Alessandro Algardi (Bologna, 1598 – Rome, 1654)

Christ Resurrected

terracotta, height 52 cm

provenance: Private collection, Italy; Heim Gallery, London; Arthur M. Sackler collection, New York

Sicilian School, end of 17th beginning of 18th century


wax, 25 x 33 x 18 cm

exhibited: Ritorno al Barocco. Da Caravaggio a Vanvitelli, Neaples 12 December 2009 - 11 April 2010

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