Lucas Ratton

Tribal Art

Beginning in the 1920s, his great-uncle, Charles Ratton, and his grandfather, Maurice Ratton, were Parisian pioneers of the Tribal Arts. Today, thirty years old Lucas Ratton perpetuates the family tradition of excellence in his gallery located 33 rue de Seine in Paris.

The gallery specializes in ritual african art, with selected objects such as Tyi Wara (also known as Chi Wara) crest masks or headdresses from the Bambara ethnic group in Mali, classical sculptures and ancestor statuary produced by the Punu and Fang tribes in Gabon, rare magical pieces, feminine images and protective family fetish figures from the Kusu, Luba and Teke tribes in the Congo.

The objects are acquired in important French and international collections.

The selection criterias became higher in 2014 with the opening of a new gallery located in Paris, in the heart of the historic district of Saint Germain des Prés.

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