Tambaran Gallery

Photography from 1870 onwards, Asian Art and Ethnographic Art

Born in Australia, Zarember received an early introduction to Aboriginal and Oceanic art as a child in Australia by frequenting the National Gallery in Canberra and the Victoria museum in Melbourne. In the early 1960’s and 1970’s her travels to the South Pacific cemented a life-long passion for tribal art. She was introduced to African and North-West Coast American art by Gustave Shindler, Gaston de Havenon and Ted Carpenter.

"On one my early trips Papua New Guinea I was forbidden to enter a House Tambaran because I was a young woman. Only initiated men could enter because that’s where cult objects were stored. As I backed away I uttered the Australian expression ‘no worries no worries’ and added ‘I’ll have my own House Tambaran one day’ - Maureen

The first location was open in 1979 on Madison Avenue, in New York.

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TEFAF New York Spring

Stand 17

Section Historic Room

MAY 3-7, 2019 - Park Avenue Armory
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