Sunday 01 Jan 2017

Tall and Small

by Emiel and Esther Aardewerk

The earliest silver miniatures were in all probability manufactured in the sixteenth century for the French court, intended as toys for royal offspring.

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Tom Postma Design - Hemmerle stand TEFAF Maastricht 2016
Thursday 22 Sep 2016

The art of fair design

by Tom Postma

When visitors enter the grand halls of the MECC in Maastricht, the Netherlands each March for the annual TEFAF art fair, they see…

Wednesday 21 Sep 2016

By a lady

by Bernard Shapero

The English novelist, Jane Austen (1775 –1817) is known internationally for her six major novels that convey a finely observed microcosm of the English gentry of the early 19th century

Tuesday 20 Sep 2016


by Alan Safani

Ancient Egypt has fascinated Americans since the mid 1800’s. It is the land of pyramids, mysterious writing, hidden tombs, and mummies.

Vasari drawing
Monday 19 Sep 2016

Drawing from memory to the sky

by Sarah Simpson

Giorgio Vasari was a major figure of the Italian Renaissance in the mid-sixteenth century. Known as a superior draughtsman, painter, and architect, he is also hailed as the originator of art historiography.

Giovanni Manfredini, Stabat Mater, 2014.
Sunday 18 Sep 2016

Forse mai, o forse in paradiso - Not here, but certainly in heaven

by Alexandra Henze Triebold

Besides allegorical and historical representations, paintings and sculptures devoted to religious themes also became firmly established very early on in the history of art. By the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans, at the latest, their gods and their deeds, histories and transformations were captured in paintings and sculptures for the decoration of temples, shrines, public places and also the exteriors and interiors of private dwellings.

Ivan Gaskell
Saturday 17 Sep 2016

Tête-à-Tête: Perception

by Alexander Mayhew

An artist and a cultural historian discuss the ways in which art lives - not just in museums and other formal exhibition spaces, but also in public realms outside of the usual art contexts.

Antonia Boström
Friday 16 Sep 2016

Tête-à-Tête: Invitation

by Nina Siegal

In the last decade, cultural tourism has skyrocketed across the world, and museums have become more than research institutions that house and display objects. Museums as plabic spaces.

Ulrich Birkmaier
Thursday 15 Sep 2016

Tête-à-Tête: Circumspection

by Catherine Milner

Conservation science is a constantly evolving discipline, and opinions about the right way to restore and preserve works of art for future generations change as much as the techniques.