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Sean Kelly

Collect wisely.
Since its inception in 1991, Sean Kelly Gallery has been internationally recognized for its diverse, intellectually driven program and highly regarded roster of artists. The Gallery has garnered worldwide attention for its collaborations with renowned cultural institutions, coordinating hundreds of exhibitions on behalf of its artists at an array of prestigious museums. For more than 25 years, the Gallery has become known for its high quality, thought-provoking contemporary art program and innovation. In 2018, the gallery launched the critically acclaimed Collect Wisely podcast series aimed at refocusing the discourse around collecting to return to the heart of the matter: discussing art and artists, the passion for collecting and connoisseurship. This year, the gallery will expand West and open a major new 10,000 square foot gallery in Los Angeles where it looks forward to building on and furthering the legacy of the gallery’s New York program.

Insights From The Exhibitor

Sean Kelly is delighted to present a carefully curated selection of historic and contemporary works by leading international artists, each of whom addresses classic themes of beauty, artistic tradition, museological context, and historical intention through their work in photography, painting, and sculpture. With provocative juxtapositions, this presentation facilitates nuanced conversations about what connects art aesthetically and ideologically across time, while echoing current critical discussions surrounding the reframing of the history of art.


DC-2022 SKNY_Dark Optics_Install Photo_Jason Wyche_004.jpg
David Claerbout
Dark Optics
New York
Apr 27–Jun 4, 2022


  • Marina Abramović
  • Dawoud Bey
  • James Casebere
  • Julian Charrière
  • David Claerbout
  • Jose Dávila
  • Leandro Erlich
  • Iran do Espírito Santo
  • Antony Gormley
  • Laurent Grasso
  • Johan Grimonprez
  • Candida Höfer
  • The Estate of Ilse D'Hollander
  • Rebecca Horn
  • Callum Innes
  • Idris Khan
  • Joseph Kosuth
  • Liu Wei
  • Peter Liversidge
  • Kris Martin
  • Anthony McCall
  • Hugo McCloud
  • Landon Metz
  • Mariko Mori
  • Sam Moyer
  • Julião Sarmento
  • Shahzia Sikander
  • Loló Soldevilla
  • Alec Soth
  • Su Xiaobai
  • Frank Thiel
  • Janaina Tschäpe
  • Kehinde Wiley
  • Sun Xun
  • Wu Chi-Tsung