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Sean Kelly

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Sean Kelly Gallery was founded by its British-born owner in 1991 and operated privately in SoHo until 1995 when its first public space opened at 43 Mercer Street. During these formative years, it established a reputation for diverse, intellectually driven, unconventional exhibitions. The original list of artists represented included Marina Abramović, James Casebere, Callum Innes, Joseph Kosuth and Julião Sarmento – exemplifying the Gallery’s commitment to presenting important, challenging contemporary art.

In 2001, Sean Kelly moved to a converted 7,000 square-foot industrial space on 29th Street in the Chelsea gallery district. The Gallery’s roster of artists expanded to include such notable figures as Iran do Espírito Santo, Antony Gormley, Rebecca Horn and Frank Thiel. In the ensuing years, the Gallery undertook representation of Los Carpinteros, Leandro Erlich, Laurent Grasso, Johan Grimonprez, Tehching Hsieh, Peter Liversidge, Anthony McCall, Alec Soth and Kehinde Wiley.

In October 2012, Sean Kelly opened a new 22,000 square foot space at 475 Tenth Avenue in an historic 1914 building. Award-winning architect Toshiko Mori designed the two-story gallery, which opened with an exhibition of work by Antony Gormley. With the gallery’s expansion into the new space, Sean Kelly added internationally acclaimed artists to its roster; David Claerbout, José Dávila, Candida Höfer, Ilse D’Hollander, Hugo McCloud, Mariko Mori, Liu Wei, James White and Sun Xun. Sean Kelly has continued to expand its program to include a new generation of exceptional contemporary artists adding Julian Charrière, Landon Metz, Sam Moyer, Shahzia Sikander and Janaina Tschäpe.

As the Gallery continues to grow, its commitment to excellence and quality remains unwavering.

Insights From The Exhibitor


On view
WCT-2021_SKNY_jing atmospheres_install_photo Jason Wyche_006.jpg
New York, NY
Nov 5–Dec 18, 2021


  • Marina Abramović
  • Dawoud Bey
  • James Casebere
  • Julian Charrière
  • David Claerbout
  • Jose Dávila
  • Leandro Erlich
  • Iran do Espírito Santo
  • Antony Gormley
  • Laurent Grasso
  • Johan Grimonprez
  • Candida Höfer
  • The Estate of Ilse D'Hollander
  • Rebecca Horn
  • Callum Innes
  • Idris Khan
  • Joseph Kosuth
  • Liu Wei
  • Peter Liversidge
  • Kris Martin
  • Anthony McCall
  • Hugo McCloud
  • Landon Metz
  • Mariko Mori
  • Sam Moyer
  • Julião Sarmento
  • Shahzia Sikander
  • Loló Soldevilla
  • Alec Soth
  • Su Xiaobai
  • Frank Thiel
  • Janaina Tschäpe
  • Kehinde Wiley
  • Sun Xun
  • Wu Chi-Tsung