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Master Jeweler, Place Vendôme

For the past six decades, REZA has been one of the world’s most exclusive jewelers, a master artisan and purveyor of exclusive gemstones based in Place Vendôme, the heart of fashion and luxury on a global scale. Alexandre Reza, who founded the company in the 1950s, became renowned for his pioneering ability to discover exceptional old-mine, natural gemstones from Colombia, India, Burma, Thailand and Sri Lanka. In the extensive collections of sapphires, emeralds, rubies and diamonds he acquired throughout his life, some stones have seen the most extravagant centuries and epochs, from French monarchies and Persian dynasties to the Italian Renaissance. Alexandre Reza was the biggest gemstone collector of the 20th century.

In 2008, Olivier took over the leadership of the company from his father Alexandre REZA. He is the current designer and CEO of the company, perpetuating the Reza hallmark - the creation of important pieces showcasing sumptuous precious stones. To achieve that goal, he continues to use the large collection of flawless, natural and untreated gemstones left by his father, acclaimed to be among the most important in the world. Developing the house’s artistic direction in his own style, Olivier Reza creates pieces imprinted with a distinctive and particular signature, expressing themselves in unusual ways to delight loyal and initiated customers, as well as enlightened novices. Putting more emphasis on design, which he considers as important as the quality of the stones in creating jewelry, the designer celebrates an idea of ultimate luxury: there are no collections, each piece is created as he is inspired, in a quest for beauty without extravagance and with utmost attention to detail. An avid art collector (sculptures, antiquities, African and pre-Columbian art), Olivier Reza takes inspiration not only from art, but also architecture and nature. His jewels are designed to provide emotion at every angle: it’s all about shape, colors, composition and alchemy with the materials. Each step of the creation is orchestrated to maximize the beauty of the stones. For the designer, they have to catch the eye and be surprising, but also must be beautiful, which corresponds to the time we live in.