TEFAF Maastricht releases 2017 exhibitor list and TEFAF showcase participants

The 30 th edition of TEFAF Maastricht welcomes 270 internationally renowned exhibitors to the Fair including five young and recently established dealers to TEFAF Showcase.   As the world’s leading fine art and antiques Fair, TEFAF Maastricht provides an unrivalled meeting place for the best dealers in the world, attracting major international private and institutional collectors. Through the careful selection of its exhibitors, TEFAF enables visitors to make unexpected connections across disciplines creating a marketplace for the highest level of collecting at all of its Fairs. TEFAF Maastricht 2017 takes place from 10-19 March at the MECC (Maastricht Exhibition and Congress Centre), Maastricht, The Netherlands.

TEFAF Maastricht is divided into nine sections (TEFAF Antiques, TEFAF Classical Antiquities, TEFAF Curated, TEFAF Design, TEFAF Haute Joaillerie, TEFAF Modern, TEFAF Paintings, TEFAF Paper, TEFAF Showcase) with the selected dealers presenting over 7,000 years of art history under one roof. The Fair looks forward to welcoming 18 new exhibitors in 2017, who will both strengthen and extend the range of objects being shown at the Fair.

The new exhibitors for 2017 are:

  • Benjamin Proust Fine Art (UK), who participated in TEFAF Showcase in 2016 and is presenting Old Master sculpture and works of art.
  • Medieval art specialists De Backker Medieval Art (Belgium).
  • Native American works of art specialists Donald Ellis Gallery (USA).
  • Frank C. Möller Fine Arts (Germany), who last participated in TEFAF Maastricht in 2012, specialists in 18 th- and 19 th-century furniture and objets d’art.
  • Galerie Andrea Caratsch (Switzerland), specialists in modern and contemporary works of art.
  • Galerie Bernard Dulon (France), specialists in African and Oceanic art.
  • Rare and unusual antique ephemera is being presented by Galerie Delalande (France), who participated in TEFAF Showcase in 2013.
  • Modern art specialists Galerie Haas (Switzerland). 
  • Galerie Jacques Barrère (France), specialists in Chinese and Japanese decorative arts.
  • Galerie kreo (France), specialists in contemporary design objects.
  • Galerie Xavier Eeckhout (France), specialists in sculptures. 
  • Gallo Antiquariato di Gallo Giorgio (Italy), specialists in Venetian painting, sculpture and furniture from the 17 th to the 19 th centuries.
  • Maruani Mercier Gallery (Belgium), specialists in works by contemporary American artists.
  • 20 th-century design specialists Jacksons (Sweden).
  • The Matthiesen Gallery - Matthiesen Ltd. (UK), who will present French, Italian and Spanish Old Master Paintings, are returning to TEFAF Maastricht having last exhibited in 2015.
  • Lyon based Michel Descours (France), specialists in paintings and drawings from the 16 th to the 20 th centuries.
  • Mullany (UK), experts in continental sculpture, works of art, furniture and Old Master Paintings from 1200-1700.
  • Salamon&C (Italy), specialists in both Old Master paintings & drawings and contemporary art.
  • Sprovieri Gallery (UK), who participated in TEFAF Curated in 2016, is exhibiting contemporary art.


East meets West in TEFAF Showcase with galleries from the UK, Belgium, France and Japan selected to take part. The dealers present works across five different collecting disciplines – jewellery by contemporary artists; Indian, Himalayan and South East Asian art; master paintings and sculpture; contemporary Japanese art; African and Oceanic art. The chosen galleries will exhibit in a specially designed area at the Fair.

TEFAF Showcase was established in 2008 to give recently established galleries the opportunity to participate in TEFAF Maastricht and to gain experience of being part of a major international art event.   It also introduces collectors at the Fair to some of the most interesting emerging galleries from around the world.

TEFAF Showcase galleries 2017 are:

Elisabetta Cipriani, 27 Heddon St, Mayfair, London, W1B 4BQ, United Kingdom
Based in London, Elisabetta Cipriani has been a dealer since 2009 specializing in artist jewellery. Telephone: +44(0)207 287 5675, E-mail: elisabetta@elisabettacipriani.com, Website: www.elisabettacipriani.com

Renaud Montméat Art d’Asie, 36 rue Etienne Marcel, Paris 75002, France
Dedicated to Indian, Himalayan and South-East Asian Art, Parisian based Renaud Montméat has been dealing with Asian art since 1999. Telephone: + 33 6 17 61 21 60, E-mail: montmeatartdasie@gmail.com, Website: www.montmeat-asianart.com

Lullo Pampoulides Fine Art, 33 Cork Street, Mayfair, London, W1S, United Kingdom
Lullo Pampoulides Fine Art, established by Andrea Lullo and Andreas Pampoulides in 2016, is a specialist dealership focused on master paintings and sculpture from all periods. E-mail: ap@lullopampoulides.com, Website: www.lullopampoulides.com

Sokyo Gallery, 381-2 Motomachi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 05-0089, Japan
"SOKYO", a gallery of modern and contemporary art, displays ceramic pieces and other figurative forms that have been created from the Meiji era (20th century) onward. Telephone: + 81 75 74 445, E-mail: info@gallery-sokyo.jp, Website: www.gallery-sokyo.jp

Tribal Art Classics, 31 Rue des Minimes, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium
Adrian Schlag has been a specialist in African and Oceanic works of art of the highest quality since 1998. Telephone: + 34 617 666 098, E-mail: adrian@schlag.net, Website: www.tribalartclassics.com

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