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20 December, 2022

TEFAF’s Board of Trustees, Executive Committee and exhibitor community mourn the unexpected passing of distinguished Board member and colleague, Ger Luijten (1956-2022). A key member of TEFAF’s vetting operation, Mr. Luijten was spokesperson for the pre-1850 works on paper vetting committee.

Since 2010 Ger Luijten had been director of the Fondation Custodia in Paris, which is home to the Frits Lugt Collection. Between 1987 and 1990 he was curator of the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Print Room. Following that he became curator and head of the Rijksmuseum Print Room. His specialism was art on paper, including oil sketches, an impressive collection of which he built up for the Fondation Custodia. The Fondation Custodia was founded in Paris in 1947 on the initiative of the art collector Frits Lugt. The Fondation manages his extensive collection of drawings and prints, paintings, sculpture, books, and artist’s letters. The Lugt collection is housed in the 18th-century Hôtel Turgot, where a staff of 25 works on curating, research, and presentation of the collection, led by Luijten.

Custodia is an active participant in the loan and lending circuit between world-class museums. Earlier this year, Ger Luijten, curated the exhibition of oil sketches with the theme "Painting in the Open Air" or Peindre En Plein Air 1780–1870, Sur Le Motif, with works from the collections of Custodia, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge and a private collection. This exhibition included works by William Turner, Corot, Von Rohde, Degas, among others.

An expert, curator and author in the Dutch Golden Age era, Ger redesigned the so-called 'Dutch Room' at the Fondation Custodia. Frits Lugt and his wife had furnished this room in the Hôtel Turgot with furniture, porcelain objects and paintings from the Golden Age. It served as their office, and it is still used as an 'office' today. Ger Luijten, during his tenure, painstakingly matched the colors in the Dutch Room to the colors used and the structure of the paint on the walls to the paintings of interiors from that time (such as Jacob Vrel's painting, Seated Woman in front of a window, looking at a child -which is part of the Custodia collection-). He said, “This further design never ends. Every time I come across beautiful objects, I look to see if they will enrich the interior design.”


Boon Hui Tan

TEFAF mourns the passing of our colleague, friend, and Global Advisory Board member Boon Hui Tan.

Boon Hui passed away on July 7 at age 53, from complications suffered from a stroke in May.

An extraordinary talent and intellect, full of passion and enthusiasm, Boon Hui is best remembered internationally as director of the Asia Society Museum in New York, where he served from 2015-20. He launched the groundbreaking Asia Society Triennial event in 2020. He is considered to have ‘changed the discourse’ of Asian art history and his passion and curatorial flair enriched our ecosystem.’

A tireless champion for Asian artists and a visionary leader, Boon Hui had recently returned to his native Singapore to lead his country’s main arts festival and historic venues. In this role as executive director of Arts House, which runs the Singapore International Festival of Arts and performance venues including The Arts House and the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, he was fervently committed to breaking down traditional silos to expand Singapore’s cultural scene.

In addition to being a member of TEFAF’s New York Advisory Board and later, the Global Advisory Board, Boon Hui participated in TEFAF’s Cultural Programming in New York in 2018 and 2019.

We join the legions of colleagues and friends who mourn the loss of Boon Hui, and we extend our heartfelt condolences to his family. He will be very much missed by everyone at TEFAF.

Heidi McWilliams
Chair, TEFAF Global Advisory Board


Ugo Pierucci

Photo @ Bodine Koopmans

June 27, 2022 —TEFAF (The European Fine Art Foundation) is honored to announce the appointment of Ugo Pierucci as Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Hidde van Seggelen continues in his role as Chairman and President of the TEFAF Executive Committee. Mr. van Seggelen has been acting as interim Chairman of the Board of Trustees in its transition until Mr. Pierucci’s appointment.

“TEFAF is delighted to welcome Ugo Pierucci as Chairman and announce four new additions to the TEFAF Board of Trustees,” says Hidde van Seggelen. “The past few years have seen significant developments within the TEFAF organization, as the art community has been faced with the challenges of the pandemic. To keep pace with an ever-changing art market, it is essential that the Board of Trustees continues its dynamic and forward-thinking approach to the stewardship of TEFAF. The new members of the Board are steadfast in their commitment and will help carry forward a framework of best practices for TEFAF.”

Mr. Pierucci is a Rome-based property developer, collector, and TEFAF Board Member since March 2007. A seasoned collector and patron of the arts, Mr. Pierucci and his wife Chiara have attended every iteration of TEFAF since 1989, working with a significant number of TEFAF’s expert dealers to carefully build their collection of fine and decorative arts. Mr. Pierucci’s collecting journey has spanned decades and specialties, resulting in a museum-worthy collection, which continues to be studied and published. Today, Mr. Pierucci is a loyal advocate for TEFAF’s global art community, which champions exceptional art in all its forms and brings together the best the art world has to offer.

Full list of Board of Trustees operating as of June 27, 2022 (*signifies a new Board Member):

  • Martin Clist*
  • Jorge Coll
  • Jonathan Green
  • Christian Hemmerle
  • Peter Kerber
  • Laura Kugel
  • Ronald S. Lauder*
  • Ger Luijten*
  • Heidi McWilliams
  • Filip Moerman
  • Ugo Pierucci
  • Dino Tomasso
  • Boris Vervoordt*
  • Catherine Walsh 
  • Vanessa Wildenstein



Managing Director of the venerable London gallery Charles Ede, who has worked in the art world for more than three decades, overseeing the Whitechapel Gallery (under Nicholas Serota), Waddington Custot, Karsten Schubert, and Rupert Wace Galleries. At Charles Ede, Mr. Clist oversees all aspects of the gallery and is driving a new direction in how the gallery presents itself to visitors, colleagues, and clients. Charles Ede, which was founded in 1971, moved to larger premises in 2014, now deals in ancient art from Egypt, Greece, Rome, and the Near East.


A longtime investor, international philanthropist, noted art collector, and a foremost leader of Jewish causes, Mr. Lauder currently serves as President of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), a position he has held for a decade. From 1983 to 1986, Mr. Lauder worked at the Pentagon as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for European and NATO Affairs. In 1986, he was appointed by President Reagan as U.S. Ambassador to Austria. In 2001, Mr. Lauder founded the Neue Galerie for German and Austrian art in New York City. He was Chairman of the Museum of Modern Art from 1995 to 2005 and is now Honorary Chairman. Mr. Lauder has been a longtime member of TEFAF’s Advisory Board.


Mr. Luijten has been Director of the Fondation Custodia in Paris, which is home to the Frits Lugt Collection, since 2010. Between 1987 and 1990, he was curator of the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Print Room. After that, he became curator and head of the Rijksmuseum Print Room. His specialty is art on paper, including oil sketches, an impressive collection of which he has built for the Fondation Custodia.


Mr. Vervoordt is Director of the Axel Vervoordt Co. and oversees the company’s client relationships and the interior design team. As of January 2011, he opened Axel Vervoordt Gallery, first located in the historical heart of Antwerp, and in March 2017 moved to Kanaal. The gallery’s ethos is to create a platform for contemporary artists to express their message independently and to publish monographs on their artists. Mr. Vervoordt opened a new space in Hong Kong in May 2014, offering an annual program of exhibitions by established artists punctuated by showcases of work by younger and emerging artists.


Alessandra di Castro*
Georg Laue
Hidde van Seggelen
Paul Smeets
Christophe de Quénetain

*Newly elected, June 27, 2022, formerly TEFAF Board of Trustees member


The Executive Committee represents the The European Fine Art Foundation and is Chaired by the President, Hidde van Seggelen. Members of the general fair management, such as the Managing Director, are appointed by and report to the Executive Committee, which meets at least eight times per year. The committee may adopt specific rules governing general management, including policies on the vetting of artwork, integrity or business ethics, internal and financial controls, and other major policies. This is subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees.


Ugo Pierucci is the Chairman of The Board of Trustees elected June 27, 2022. The Board of Trustees keeps oversight and exercises supervisory responsibilities over the policies, operations, financial condition, and the general course of affairs of the Executive Committee and the Foundation. The BoT meets at a minimum of three times a year and in general the members of the EC (Executive Committee) are invited to attend and participate in meetings of the BoT, but they have no vote.

Board of trustees & executive committee & global advisory board

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