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TEFAF Curator Course

The TEFAF Curator Course is a program that brings together the academic world and the art market. It offers an exceptional opportunity for (emerging) museum curators and directors to gain expertise, insights, and networking. The course, in collaboration with Maastricht University, is a unique chance for participants to learn from seasoned international colleagues, members of the TEFAF Vetting community, and renowned art dealers who are experts in their specialized fields.


TEFAF Curator Course 2024 application closed.

The application for the TEFAF Curator Course 2025 will open in Fall 2024. Should you have any questions please reach out via [email protected] or +31433883838.

Please find the 2024 brochure via the link below to learn more about the course assignment and what to expect.


Latest update

The inaugural edition of our program will be held from March 5th to March 10th, 2024, during TEFAF and at Maastricht University. Our meticulously crafted program is designed to provide emerging curators with the necessary tools, profound insight, and invaluable contacts to navigate the art market skillfully. It covers a range of considerations for non-institutional loans, gifts, and acquisitions, including due diligence and market research, practical aspects of art law, and broader collecting implications, including social impact and the ethics of external funding. This program will be an excellent opportunity for curators to enhance their skills and broaden their perspectives.


Gain art market insights

Participants will have the unique opportunity to learn from senior members of the TEFAF Vetting committees about authenticating and attributing artworks, gaining valuable insights from renowned art dealers, and engaging in discussions with academic experts on values and responsibilities. This comprehensive approach equips curators to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities the evolving art world presents.

Expand your network

This outstanding program offers a unique opportunity for professionals to enhance their expertise and establish meaningful connections with peers and colleagues in the museum/art world. These connections facilitate potential loans and acquisitions and unlock opportunities for development and donations.

Exceptional access

The TEFAF Curator Course occurs during the prestigious TEFAF art fair and at Maastricht University in The Netherlands, offering a blend of hands-on experience and academic knowledge in navigating the multifaceted art world.