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Galerie Chastel-Maréchal

20th century Decorative Art
The Galerie Chastel-Maréchal, directed by Aline Chastel, has been situated in the heart of Saint-Germain des Prés since 1994. Her passion is the rediscovery of great French designers who worked between the 1930s and the 1970s. As SFEP accredited expert, and member of the Syndicat National des Antiquaires, Aline Chastel selects only the rarest and most unusual pieces from this period, many of which are unique or new to the market. Originally made to order for institutions or to complement prestigious private collections, these exceptional pieces attract devoted collectors, famous interior designers and international institutions. The gallery has participated in the most prestigious French and international fairs held in Paris (The Biennale des Antiquaires, PAD), London (PAD, Masterpiece), Basel (Design Miami/Basel), New York (The Salon Art + Design), San Francisco (FOG) and Brussels (BRAFA) for over ten years. Exhibitions devoted to specific designers are also held in the Paris space: Line Vautrin in 1998 and 2004, Jean Royère in 2005, Serge Roche in 2006, Jacques Quinet in 2008, Marianna Kennedy in 2011, Jean- Charles Moreux in 2012, Yonel Lebovici in 2014 and in September 2018, Modernity of Brazilian Design. Most have been accompanied by publications devoted to the chosen designer, which have become reference books in their turn.

Insights From The Exhibitor

The gallery currently represents artists such as Line Vautrin, Jean Royère, Jean-Michel Frank, Marc du Plantier, Paul Dupré-Lafon, Alberto Giacometti, Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne, Serge Roche, Jacques Quinet, Gilbert Poillerat, Georges Jouve, Alexandre Noll, André Borderie, Yonel Lebovici, Marianna Kennedy, Joy de Rohan Chabot… Today, Aline Chastel is bringing a new dynamic into play by presenting pieces for the first time in her Parisian gallery furniture by some of the most remarkable modern Brazilian designers from the 50’s to the 80’s : Jose Zanine Caldas, Joaquim Tenreiro, Jorge Zalszupin, Carlo Hauner & Martin Eisler, Sergio Rodrigues and Giuseppe Scapinelli.


Joy de Rohan Chabot
L'attrape Rêve
Nov 22–Jan 21, 2020
Modernité du design brésilien de 1950 à 1980
Sep 6–Oct 30, 2018
Yonel Lebovici 1937-1998
Un univers surréaliste
Sep 5–Oct 5, 2014
Jean-Charles Moreux (1889-1956)
Baroque & Surréalisme
Sep 12–Oct 10, 2012
Marianna Kennedy
Plus léger que l'air
Oct 21–Nov 19, 2011
Jacques Quinet
Sep 9–Oct 18, 2008
Serge Roche
Un univers Baroque
Sep 13–Oct 14, 2006
Jean Royère
Deux ensembles exceptionnels 1936 et 1959
Jun 3–Jul 3, 2005
Line Vautrin
Sep 10–Oct 10, 2004


  • Line Vautrin
  • Jean Royère
  • Jean-Michel Frank
  • Marc du Plantier
  • Paul Dupré-Lafon
  • Alberto Giacometti
  • Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne
  • Serge Roche
  • Jacques Quinet
  • Gilbert Poillerat
  • Georges Jouve
  • Alexandre Noll
  • André Borderie
  • Pierre & Vera Székely
  • Yonel Lebovici
  • Jose Zanine Caldas
  • Joaquim Tenreiro
  • Jorge Zalszupin
  • Carlo Hauner & Martin Eisler
  • Sergio Rodrigues
  • Marianna Kennedy
  • Joy de Rohan Chabot