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Gomide & Co


Founded in 2013 in São Paulo, our gallery has achieved throughout the last eight years, an acclaimed position both nationally and internationally, participating in the most prestigious art fairs while delivering a highly regarded programme. We have become synonymous with rigorously constructed exhibitions, from the selected artworks to the exhibit design, texts and publications. We act as one of the main sources allowing private collectors, museums and institutions to expand their collections of Brazilian art. Since its opening, the gallery has been expanding its scope of work, currently covering artists national and international, associated with the Concrete, Neoconcrete and Conceptual Art movements, and represented artists, among them are Alex Cerveny, Francisco Brennand, José Resende, Lenora de Barros, Marcelo Cipis, Maria Lira Marques and Pedro Caetano. Recently the gallery opened its second exhibition venue just a few steps from its main venue, the Modernist house designed in 1933 by the artist and architect Flávio de Carvalho.

Among the most relevant exhibitions, solo and group, highlighted: “E você nem imagina que Epaminondas sou eu” (2014), with works by Amadeo Luciano Lorenzato and curated by Rivane Neuenschwander and Alexandre da Cunha; “Atributos do Silêncio” (2015) curated by Felipe Scovino, “BEUYS” (2016) the first solo exhibition of the German artist in a Brazilian gallery; “Fabio Mauri (Senza Arte)” (2017), “Mira Schendel: Sarrafos e Pretos e Brancos” (2018), “Estratégias Conceituais” (2018); curated by Ricardo Sardenberg; “Antoni Tàpies” (2019); “Bruce Conner: Breakaway” (2019); Bruno Munari: Always a New Thing” (2020) and Our North is the South (2021).

Insights From The Exhibitor


Lorenzato: Landscapes
São Paulo
Feb 9–Mar 19, 2022
Francisco Brennand: A primitive among the moderns
São Paulo
Nov 27–Jan 29, 2022
Our north is the south
São Paulo
Aug 21–Dec 4, 2021
Maria Lira Marques
Recent works
São Paulo
Aug 21–Oct 30, 2021
Anthology of Art and Architecture
São Paulo
Mar 21–Oct 17, 2020
Bruno Munari
Always a New Thing
São Paulo
Mar 17–Apr 18, 2020
Norberto Nicola
São Paulo
Jul 23–Aug 22, 2020
Bruce Conner_baixa_Ding Musa_DIN3671.jpg
Bruce Conner, Breakaway
São Paulo
Nov 5–Dec 20, 2019
HAMISH FULTON - 01, expo A Walking Artist, Bergamin & Gomide, 08.2019   ©EVERTON BALLARDIN.jpg
Hamish Fulton
A walking artist
São Paulo
Aug 13–Oct 30, 2019


  • Amadeo Luciano Lorenzato
  • Alex Cerveny
  • Fabio Mauri
  • Francisco Brennand
  • Glauco Rodrigues
  • Hélio Oiticica
  • José Resende
  • Joseph Beuys
  • Lenora de Barros
  • Lucio Fontana
  • Lygia Clark
  • Lygia Pape
  • Marcelo Cipis
  • Maria Lira Marques
  • Martin Kippenberger
  • Mira Schendel
  • Norberto Nicola
  • Oswaldo Goeldi
  • Paulo Roberto Leal
  • Pedro Caetano