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Antonacci Lapiccirella Fine Art
Via Margutta 54, 00187, Rome, Italy, Italy
Current Fair

TEFAF Maastricht June 2022


For the very first time we unveil a sensational rediscovery: the undisputed protagonist of this edition
the "Horatius Cocles", is one of the most important and representative paintings of the Italian Neoclassical painter Vincenzo CAMUCCINI (Rome, 1771-1844). Almost 200 years after its disappearance - immediately after 1815, the painting re-emerges. This painting boasts an outstanding patron, the Spaniard Manuel Godoy, Prince of Peace, a one-time powerful Prime Minister of the King of Spain Charles IV of Bourbon and an avid collector of works of art including some masterpieces by Francisco Goya.

The work was painted during Godoy’s exile in Rome starting from 1812, being among the entourage of the Spanish sovereigns ousted from their throne by Napoleon Bonaparte. The Horatius Cocles depicts a famous hero of Republican Rome, and in it, we can see a reference to Godoy’s personal human story. It was commissioned from the most acclaimed artist working in Italy and abroad at that time, an heir to the great Classical and Renaissance traditions of the Eternal City, Vincenzo CAMUCCINI. His works based on historical subjects, most of which feature virtuous characters from Roman history, adopted the modern style developed in France by David, but also paid an explicit homage to ancient statuary and the Renaissance tradition, most of all Raphael. This paintig was previously known only from documentary sources, some preparatory sketches, and an engraving of it; indeed, traces of the work had already been lost just a few years after its completion in 1815. A few years ago the gallery sold the preparatory drawing of this majestic painting to the Hamburger Kunsthalle.
This painting, displayed in all its magnificence on the central wall of our stand, will be flanked by other works of exceptional quality, realized by other great Italian artists: Giovanni Boldini, Giulio Aristide Sartorio, Francesco Paolo Michetti.
Antonacci Lapiccirella Fine Art was founded in 2012 from the merger of two historic art galleries already present on the international market for several generations. Through targeted research and study, the gallery quickly consolidated its position to become a reference point for the fans of “Grand Tour” paintings, as well as drawings and sculptures from the late 18th to the first half of the 20th century.
Francesca and Damiano are tireless seekers of beauty, the unique, and the rare. Theirs is a decidedly eclectic approach, in which an aesthetic sense of great refinement makes their proposals particularly recognizable.

Over the years, the gallery has taken part in the most prestigious of antiques exhibitions such as the Salon du Dessin and the Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris, Masterpiece London, and TEFAF New York; it also exhibits regularly at TEFAF Maastricht and at the International Biennial of Antiques in Palazzo Corsini, Florence. In the course of its activity, many of its works have joined major public collections such as the National Gallery in Washington, the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the Modern Art Gallery of Palazzo Pitti in Florence, the Polo Museale Fiorentino, the Capodimonte Museum in Naples, the Prague Museum, the Villa Mansi Museum in Lucca, the Fontainebleau Museum, the Hamburger Kunsthalle in Hamburg, the Musée D'Orsay, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the Toledo Museum of Art, USA, as well as numerous private collections.

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“Damiano and I are both children of art but with different educational backgrounds. What unites us is that we both grew up surrounded by beauty, by art, seeing our fathers’ emotion when making a purchase, the sense of wonder discovering an object or a painting. We intend to continue working in this way, following our instincts and letting ourselves be guided by the values of beauty, quality and rarity.”

FRANCESCA ANTONACCI, who hails from an old-established family of antique dealers that has been doing business in Rome since 1916. Studying in the school of Giuliano Briganti, she conducted research into Italian 17th century painting and built up her knowledge and experience with periods of study and work in Paris and London. She ran the family’s celebrated gallery in Via del Babuino for many years.

“The antiquarian is born a collector; he is born with the desire for possession. We buy what excites us, what we would like to have for ourselves, whose intensity, historical-artistic importance and quality we would be able to describe.”

DAMIANO LAPICCIRELLA went on to inherit the celebrated antique gallery founded by his father Leonardo in 1959 in Florence. After studying and working in London, he returned to Italy and took up the management of his family business, entering the gallery once again in the most important Italian and international trade fairs and focusing, in particular, on European painting and drawing from the 16th to the early 20th centuries.


  • AFRO
  • Libero ANDREOTTI
  • Giacomo BALLA
  • Lorenzo BARTOLINI
  • Luigi BIENAIMÈ
  • Giovanni BOLDINI
  • Alberto BURRI
  • Ippolito CAFFI
  • Vincenzo CAMUCCINI
  • Giovanni Battista CAMUCCINI
  • Antonio CANOVA
  • Galileo CHINI
  • Giorgio de CHIRICO
  • Romano DAZZI
  • Fortunato DEPERO
  • Karl Wilhelm DIEFENBACH
  • Carlo FINELLI
  • Gustaf FJAESTAD
  • Johann Jakob FREY
  • Vincenzo GEMITO
  • John GIBSON
  • Joseph GOTT
  • Jakob Philipp HACKERT
  • Gaspare LANDI
  • Alessandro MAGNASCO
  • Antonio MANCINI
  • Jean Alfred MARIOTON
  • Francesco Paolo MICHETTI
  • Giorgio MORANDI
  • Giulio Aristide SARTORIO
  • Sirio TOFANARI
  • Giambattista TIEPOLO
  • Luigi VALADIER
  • Gaspare VANVITELLI
  • Hilding WERNER
  • Adolfo WILDT