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De Backker Art

It started already at the age of 10 when Luc had his own museum in the village. During his career he could not live with the fact that he had not tried to realise his old dream. So in 2002 he opened in Brussel near the Sablon with a gallery specialised in medieval art. Soon De Backker Medieval Art participated in several fairs such as Brafa, Salon des Collectionneurs and Pan Amsterdam.

The motivation is never financial but always starts from a true passion for medieval art. We always want to leave the classic stepped paths to search for unexpected, rare objects of high quality. The evolution towards objects of high emotional and artistic quality never stops. Gradually our collection evolved not only into earlier art periods but as a second specialisation also in later works of art. That’s also the reason why we adapted our name De Backker Medieval Art into De Backker Art.