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Contemporary Jewelry
BHAGAT produces fewer than 60 pieces a year. We work with a strictly limited but opulent palette of precious gemstones, often rare and important stones in vintage cuts, and platinum. Each jewel is made by hand. Each is unique. The essence of BHAGAT’s originality lies in the manner in which we unite classical Indian forms and motifs with a contemporary sensibility that, while it combines aspects of east and west, is entirely original, and entirely our own. BHAGAT has been a family jewellery business for over a 100 years. Now in its fourth & fifth generations, BHAGAT is run by Viren along with his two sons, Varun & Jay. In recent years, our works have been displayed at The Kremlin State Museum in Moscow, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, The Victoria & Albert Museum in London, The Miho Museum in Kyoto, The Grand Palais in Paris, The Palazzo Ducale in Venice and The Palace Museum in Beijing.

Insights From The Exhibitor


Kremlin 2.jpg
The Moscow Kremlin Museum, Russia
Apr 11–Jul 27, 2014
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Treasures From India
Jewels from the Al Thani Collection
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Oct 28–Jan 25, 2015
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Bejewelled Treasures
The Al Thani Collection
Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Nov 21–Apr 10, 2016
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From the Great Mughals to the Maharajas
Jewels from The Al Thani Collection
Grand Palais, Paris
Mar 29–Jun 5, 2017
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Jewels of the Mughal Emperors and Maharajas
Treasures from The Al Thani Collection
Miho Museum Koka, Japan
Oct 1–Dec 11, 2016
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Treasures of the Mughals and the Maharajas
The Al Thani Collection
Doge's Palace, Venice
Sep 9–Jan 3, 2018
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Gems and Jewels of India and Masterpieces from a Royal Collection
Treasures from The Al Thani Collection
Palace Museum, Beijing
Apr 17–Jun 18, 2018