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Kunsthandel A.H. Bies

Important paintings from the 19th and early 20th century
Kunsthandel A.H. Bies was founded in Eindhoven in 1953 by A.H. Bies. It is still a family owned business. The gallery specialises in important Dutch 19th and early 20th Century paintings. A largescale in-house exhibition has become an annual tradition since many decades and is held each autumn. Kunsthandel Bies has developed an international clientele including important collectors and various museums from all over the world.

Insights From The Gallery


  • L.H. Apol
  • J.E.H. Akkeringa
  • F. Arntzenius
  • M.A.J. Bauer
  • J. Bogaerts
  • J.W. van Borselen
  • J. Bosboom
  • G.H. Breitner
  • O. Eerelman
  • P.J.C. Gabriël
  • A.J. Haanen
  • F. Hart Nibbrig
  • I. Israels
  • J. Israëls
  • J.Ch.K. Klinkenberg
  • B.C. Koekkoek
  • H. Koekkoek
  • H. Lebasque
  • Ch.H.J. Leickert
  • C.J. Maks
  • H. Manguin
  • J.H. Maris
  • W. Maris
  • J.H. van Mastenbroek
  • A. Mauve
  • J.H.L. Meijer
  • H.W. Mesdag
  • W. Nuijen
  • D. Oyens
  • P. Oyens
  • J.B. Robie
  • W. Roelofs
  • H. Ronner-Knip
  • M. Roosenboom
  • Th. van Rysselberghe
  • G.J. van de Sande Bakhuyzen
  • H. van de Sande Bakhuyzen
  • A. Scheffer
  • A. Schelfhout
  • J. Sluijters
  • C. Springer
  • W.B. Tholen
  • F. Toussaint
  • W. Vaes
  • M. Verburgh
  • W. Verschuur
  • M. Vos
  • J.H. Weissenbruch
  • J. Zoetelief Tromp