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Bijl-Van Urk B.V.

The son of the restorer of paintings Martin Bijl, Sander Bijl was infused with the love for art from early on. Thus, at a very young age he started to develop a taste and a connoisseur’s eye for quality and condition. By 2000 he and his mother Diane Bijl-Van Urk, who is still active as the silent force backstage, had founded his gallery Bijl-Van Urk. Bijl-Van Urk specializes in Old Master Paintings, especially from the seventeenth century. Backed by the invaluable expertise of Martin and with an excellent network of specialists at hand, this unique family business operates internationally. Among Bijl-Van Urk’s clients are collectors as well as museums worldwide. The rediscovery of one of the prime works by the Haarlem artist Pieter Soutman and its subsequent purchase by Washington’s National Gallery of Art marked a triumph. Another important masterpiece, Saint Peter Penitent by the Utrecht Caravaggist painter Gerard van Honthorst, became the proud possession of the collector’s couple George and Ilone Kremer through Bijl-Van Urk. Sander Bijl is passionate about Old Masters and his mission is to pass on his enthusiasm to others. Bijl-Van Urk participates in a number of art fairs, notably TEFAF in Maastricht.