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H. Blairman & Sons

Furniture and Works of Art
Blairman's front door.jpg
Blairman's front door.jpg
Dealers in, primarily nineteenth-century, furniture and works of art. Established in 1884, and now run by the fourth generation of the same family.

Insights From The Exhibitor

Time passes, and tastes may change, but it is the pioneering spirit of Blairman’s, from its earliest days in Llandudno to its present day setting at 15 Queen Anne’s Gate, London, that has kept the firm at the forefront of the Art Market for over a hundred years.

Today the focus is on furniture and works of art from the later 19th and 20th century (sometimes stepping into the 21st). An inherent love of Regency furniture is also an important part of the DNA.

The panorama of our showrooms, above (and see film below) includes furniture by Philip Webb and Peter Waals, fabric by William Morris, ceramics by Christopher Dresser and metalwork by W.A.S. Benson. It also shows part of our library, built up over the years, and invaluable in our research into the objects we handle.

It is no coincidence that our featured work is by the innovative designer and manufacturer, W.A.S. Benson. Working around the time of the development of the electric light, he was a truly inventive designer: the three-light electrolier with opaque glass shades that we are showing is in the rare medium of silvered-brass and a perfect example of his talent.

Amidst our gallery display are further examples of his work: a fire screen, fender and fire tools, as well as a brass clock. Sometimes idiosyncratic, always experimental, Benson’s creations were intended to grace any home. Firmly rooted in the 19th century, he was a true pioneer of modern design.

The present pandemic has changed the way in which we all live and work, but we hope that our pioneering spirit will help us to continue to find original works of good design and to exhibit them, if not in the flesh, then with the tools at our disposal in the modern age.

Our showrooms are nonetheless open and we look forward to welcoming you when you are ready to travel.