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Julius Böhler Kunsthandlung

Art dealer since 1880 now in the 5th generation, we are happy about an unbroken tradition in dealing with treasures of the past.
Since its foundation in 1880, the name Julius Böhler has stood for works of art of the highest quality, testified by its appointment as purveyor to the “Royal-Prussian” and “Royal Bavarian courts”. While the circle of collectors has meanwhile expanded and become international, our service with regard to quality and provenance remains unaltered. Thanks to the long family tradition, Florian Eitle-Böhler has close contact to major international museum and private collections. Discovering the exceptional through our profound expertise is both a responsibility and a pleasure for us as art dealers and has contributed into making the gallery an international leader in its specialist fields.

Insights From The Exhibitor


  • Simone Bianco
  • Matthias Bernhard Braun
  • Girolamo Campagna
  • Alonso Cano
  • José Dios Dos Santos
  • Adam Dirksz.
  • Ignaz Günther
  • Johann Baptist Hagenauer
  • David Heschler
  • Hendrick van Holt
  • Leonhard Kern
  • Jörg Lederer
  • Hans Leinberger
  • Johann Christoph Lücke
  • Master of the St. Sebastian's Martyrdoms
  • Hans Multscher
  • Jean Penicaud I
  • Balthasar Permoser
  • Georg Petel
  • Tilman Riemenschneider
  • Jacopo Sansovino
  • Christoph Daniel Schenck
  • Dominikus Stainhart
  • Matthias Steinl
  • Johann Baptist Straub
  • Antonio Susini
  • Pietro Tacca
  • Ferdinand Tietz
  • Simon Troger