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Brimo de Laroussilhe

Medieval & Renaissance art

Insights From The Exhibitor

In 1908, Nicolas Brimo establishes himself as an antique dealer in Paris and shortly after associates with his brother-in-law Lucien Lascombes de Laroussilhe in order to found Brimo de Laroussilhe. Presenting at that time pieces of art from various domains like archeology, primitive arts, furniture of the 17th century or Islamic arts, the gallery is already specializing in the arts of the Middle Ages, attestable by many precious medieval objects which passed the gallery and today are preserved in the most important museums all around the world. In 1991, Philippe Carlier took over Brimo de Laroussilhe and decided to focus from now on exclusively on the company’s traditional areas of expertise, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. His daughter, Marie-Amélie Carlier, joined him to collaborate till he retired in 2010. Since then, she has been running the gallery.


Art du Moyen Âge
XIe - XIVe siècle
Sep 12–Oct 31, 2012
Art du Moyen Âge et de la Renaissance
Nov 23–Jan 26, 2019
Entre la grâce et le vivant
Le buste Carlo De Carlo par Desiderio da Settignano
Sep 22–Oct 20, 2017
Art Médiéval
Exposition à l'occasion du Centenaire de Brimo de Laroussilhe
Nov 14–Jan 16, 2009