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Brun Fine Art

Antique Furniture and Works of Art
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Brun Fine Art is an international gallery specialised in prestigious Italian and Continental sculpture, exceptional antique furniture and exquisite decorative works of art. The gallery presents fine sculptures ranging from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century created by distinguished European artists using a wide range of materials. Over the years, Augusto and Marco Brun have developed their taste for sculptures together with the assistance of leading scholars such as Aldo Galli for early works, Giancarlo Gentillini for polychrome glazed terracottas and Andrea Bacchi for sculptures from the sixteenth century onwards. Each year, Prof. Bacchi works together with Brun Fine Art on an annual catalogue and exhibition called ‘A Taste for Sculpture’, which features fifteenth to nineteenth century Italian and Continental sculptures presented in the gallery and in international art fairs.

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