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Rediscovered fine antiques and works of art after three generations of Italian antiques dealers.
Originally based in post-war Turin, the family art Business was founded by Anastasio Burzio, grandfather of the two owners who closed their Italian galleries twenty years ago and they start working full time in Paris and London, so were able after exhibited in all major Italian art fairs also to partecipate to all other important international art fairs worldwide including Tefaf, Paris biennale, Masterpiece London, Brafa Bruxelles and American Antiques shows in New York, Palm Beach as the Sea fair. Some of the rediscovered works by Laura and Luca Burzio, exhibited in last five years in their stands at both Tefaf Fairs between Maastricht and New York have found their home in several important private collections around the world and most notably in ten international public institutions including: the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi (UAE); the Chicago Art Institute, the Detroit Institute of Art, the Museum of Fine Art in Houston, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City and the Toledo Museum of Art (USA); the Reitz Foundation in Helsinki (FIN) and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London (UK).
Insights From The Gallery
Laura and Luca Burzio they are often on the road in and outside UK so they are happy to welcome everyone at the Mayfair gallery only by appointment or during opening times of any BURZIO.’s exhibition including London Art Week in summer and winter. Luca is very proud to work every March in MECC since early 2000s and to keep partecipate exhibiting with Laura to all Tefaf fairs in last five years with a completely different family stand any single time designed by the renowned Italian Interior Designer Architect Paolo Genta Ternavasio, both New York and Maastricht. https://vr.masterart.com/tours/3798/burzio/tefaf-maastricht-2020 (Virtual tour previous not on line Tefaf fair, Maastricht, 7-11 March 2020, Stand 167).
Tefaf online New York 2020
BURZIO. London
Nov 1–4, 2020
Splendour and magnificence
BURZIO. London
Dec 1–Jan 19, 2018
Tefaf Maastricht 2019
BURZIO. London
Mar 16–24, 2019
Tefaf Maastricht
BURZIO. London
Mar 16–24, 2019
Tefaf New York fall 2016
BURZIO. London
Oct 22–26, 2016
London Art Week
BURZIO. London
Jun 29–Jul 7, 2018
London Art Week
Kingdom of two Sicilies
BURZIO. London
Jun 28–Jul 5, 2019
London Art Week
BURZIO. London
Nov 29–Dec 8, 2018
Tefaf Maastricht 2020
BURZIO. London
Mar 7–11, 2020
Masterpiece 2018
BURZIO. London
Jun 28–Jul 4, 2018
Tefaf New York Fall 2017
BURZIO. London
Oct 28–Nov 1, 2017
Tefaf Maastricht 2018
BURZIO. London
Mar 10–18, 2018
Masterpiece 2015
BURZIO. London
Jun 25–Jul 1, 2015
Tefaf Maastricht 2017
BURZIO. London
Mar 10–19, 2017
Tefaf Maastricht 2016
BURZIO. London
Mar 11–20, 2016
Tefaf New York Fall 2018
BURZIO. London
Oct 27–31, 2018
BRAFA Bruxelles
BURZIO. London
Jan 21–29, 2017
Tefaf Maastricht 2020
BURZIO. London
Mar 7–11, 2020
Tefaf New York fall 2019
BURZIO. London
Nov 1–5, 2019
Tefaf New York fall 2018
BURZIO. London
Oct 27–31, 2018
  • Pietro Piffetti
  • G.M.Bonzanigo
  • G.B.Galletti
  • Andrea Mimmi
  • Giuseppe Valadier
  • Luigi Valadier
  • Luigi Manfredini
  • F.H.JacobDesmalter
  • Georges Jacob
  • Carlo Bossoli
  • Francesco Righetti
  • François Rēmond
  • Sebastiano Novale
  • Léonard Boudin
  • C.F.Rabiat
  • Vincent DeVos
  • Filippo Tagliolini
  • Francesco Sibilio
  • Francesco Ladatte
  • Carlo Randoni
  • Lodovico Caselli
  • Alexandre Brachard
  • Carlo Albacini
  • A.A.Ravrio
  • Filippo Parodi
  • Manuel Tolsā
  • J.J.Caffieri
  • Theophil Hansen
  • A.L.R.Ducros
  • Matthew Boulton
  • BartolomeoManghetti
  • Francesco Segala
  • Agostino Gerli
  • Medardo Arnold
  • Giorgio Vasari
  • Lorenzo Deferrari
  • B.PorfirioDaleccio
  • G.B.Maroni
  • Nunzio Gino
  • BernardoBuontalenti
  • Lorenzo Dolci
  • Giuseppe Viglione
  • Luigi Prinotto
  • Pietro Massa
  • Crispino Vivilacqua
  • Leopold Pollack
  • Vincenzo Brenna
  • Christophe Dihl
  • GiustinianiManufactory
  • RaimondoTrentanove
  • SēvresPorcelainManufactory
  • D.Daguerre
  • MartinEloyLignereux
  • PierrePhilippeThomire
  • PierreHache
  • JeanFrançoisHache
  • NastPorcelainManufactory
  • AndréCharlesBoulle
  • PhilippeCaffieri
  • CapodimontePorcelainManufactory
  • AntoineDenisChaudet
  • DocciaPorcelainManufactory
  • JosephGegenbach(Canabas)
  • GiuseppeMaggiolini
  • AndreaValadier
  • GiacomoRaffaelli
  • Massimiliano Soldani Benzi
  • Vizzo
  • PaoloSani
  • Jeanselme
  • PierreHachette
  • AntonioLanducci
  • GaetanoDescalzi
  • PelagioPalagi
  • GabrieleCapello
  • HenryThomasPeters
  • GiacomoMarchino
  • FrancescoTanadei
  • LuigiBernero
  • GiovanbattistaBernero
  • IgnazioCollino
  • FilippoCollino
  • AmedeoLavy
  • GiacomoSpalla
  • FrancescoBolgé
  • LaurentPecheux
  • GiovanniMigliara
  • CharlesGabrielLemire